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Canada flag: free knitting patterns

Knitting  |  September 18th 2011  |  0 Comment

in celebration of Canada Day…

 Here’s my felted Canadian flag patch:

It measures approx 16.5cm (6.33″) by 8.5cm (3.25″) once felted. (Pictured is the knit version.)


Patons Classic Wool in Winter White and Rich Red
5mm knitting needles, or 5.5mm crochet hook
(the ball band requires 4.5mm needles to knit this yarn, but with 5mm, it’ll space it out a bit to allow more shringage during felting; for a thicker and bigger patch, knit using double strands and a 7mm knitting needle)

CO 17 sts (if knitting) or sc 17 (if crocheting)

Follow this chart from the bottom up, knitting the first row and purling the next – or if crocheting, sc every row: