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Butttons art: 10 unusual ideas of buttons in interior decoration

Beading and knotting, Cards, Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Making toys, Paper crafts, Sewing  |  December 21st 2011  |  0 Comment

Butttons art: 10 unusual ideas of buttons in interior decoration

Елочка из перламутровых пуговиц

Herringbone from pearlies

The real decoration of your home can be this Christmas Tree, which is made of white paper cone and pearl buttons.

Настенное пано с применением различных техник для декора интерьера

A good decorating technique is a combination of different techniques and textures in the wall panels,

including, and using simple buttons.

Дерево из пуговиц - необычная деталь домашнего интерьера

Create a Button sewing tree can even aspiring mistress of a piece of cardboard and remains the most common buttons from unnecessary wear.

Новогоднее панно из пуговиц

New Year’s panel of buttons

If a Christmas tree out of buttons to place on a winter background and turn over the frame, it will become even more elegant

Картина из пуговиц

This real picture of the buttons, in fact, requires only a flight of your imagination, and a minimum of material costs.

Осенняя ветка из пуговиц

Fall branch of buttons

“Autumn branch” of the buttons, although that may

be made even a child would become a real

highlight of your interior.

Простая новогодняя елочка сделана с использованием пуговиц

Simple Christmas Tree is made using the buttons

The combination of painting and buttons to create New Year’s decoration.

Осенее Дерево из пуговиц

Autumn Tree of buttons

Simple in execution, but fascinating by the result, the tree of buttons.

Пуговичная картина "Осенний Дуб"

Button sewing pattern “Autumn Oak”

If the buttons its edges go at each other, they give the songs extra volume.

Милая новогодняя елочка, сделанная из светлых пуговиц

Christmas Tree Card, made of bright buttons

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