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Buttons art: Sculptures made of buttons Augusto Esquivel

Beading and knotting, Video  |  December 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

Buttons art: Sculptures made of buttons Augusto Esquivel

Argentine painter and sculptor Augusto Esquivel (Augusto Esquivel) believes that even the smallest, everyday objects can be called works of art, if used creatively and wisely. That’s at one time he used a whole box of different-sized multi-colored buttons found in the attic. As a result, these amazing installation of the buttons and made the artist famous.


World of buttons in the interpretation of Augusto Esquivel consists of flowers and trees, furniture and household items, portraits and human figures. All of these works is the author of numerous fishing lines, which are strung in a certain order button right color and size. Hanging from the ceiling, they form three-dimensional images that can be called and sculptures, and installations, and even three-dimensional paintings.

Candy Ball 2008

Toilette Seat 2010

Marilyn in Blood Red 2010

Dead Head 2008


The most famous sculpture of Augusto Esquivel, however, is considered Upright Piano. This is a huge picture of a piano, created from the 30 000 black and white buttons, gathered in festoons. The total weight of the sculpture is more than 20 kg, and work on this project has taken the author of about 2.5 months.

Amazing installation of the buttons can be seen on exhibition at the gallery Art Miami, or on a personal web site of the artist.

Caged 2010

Crystal Horn 2009

Audrey in Candy Pink 2010

Fire Hydrant 2010

Augusto 2010

Read more: http://www.augustoesquivel.com/