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Brides gifts: handmade Decoration of wedding glasses

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Wedding day  |  August 5th 2011  |  0 Comment

Decoration of wedding glasses with his hands.

Making your wedding glasses - Master Class

There are many ways to decorate the glasses to the wedding.

I suggest you 22 design options wedding glasses. All are based on the fact that the glass is glued any decoration.

How to glue lace, ribbons, flowers, beads, crystals, flower petals to the glass?

  • glue gun;
  • silicone adhesive;
  • PVA glue;
  • special terminal box for instant crystal and ceramics;
  • instant waterproof terminal box – super glue.

Personally, I used super-glue based on cyanoacrylate (a set of “ Girl’s Dream “ ). The main thing here – accuracy that the glue did not speak about jewelry.

If you have stained glass super-glue, there are special solvents or glue trim to remove a needle (these methods in practice I did not enjoy).

To understand the technique, try to start to decorate ordinary glass .

Decoration of wedding lace cups

We need the beautiful lace.

1. Wrap the glass with lace. 
2. Cut the required length of several millimeters to + smell. 
3. Carefully glue the lace to the glass.

4. To decorate the stem wine glasses, take a piece of lace. 
5. Sour him to one side. 
6. Tighten nametochnuyu thread so as to obtain a “skirt”, which you can wrap the base glass. 
7. Fasten the thread. 
8. Glue the “skirt” around the legs.

Decoration of wedding lace stemware

Decoration of wedding lace cups can be complicated by attaching a bow of ribbon at the top of legs.

Decoration of wedding wine glasses with lace and a bow of ribbons

Decoration of wedding glasses lace and ribbons

Fougeres leg itself can be wrapped in a spiral ribbon and attach a bow at the top with rose out of ribbon or with rhinestones.

Decoration of wedding glasses lace and rose from the tapes

Here are some ways to make a rose out of ribbon (for a small rosettes see Method 4). 

Decoration of wedding glasses lace and rose from the tapes

Decoration of wedding bands glasses

From tape (satin, nylon, lace) make a bow, decorate it with rhinestones or a decorative element and priklyaem to wine glasses.

Design Wedding glasses with their hands - a bow of ribbons

Or of the tapes  make roses and flowers complement their mesh, lace and glue to the glass.

Decoration of wedding glasses rose from tapes with his own hands

For decoration of wedding glasses fit and artificial leaves and crystals.

Making your wedding glasses with their hands

Wedding glasses with roses and sequins - master class

To create a more intricate pattern of glass at the wedding, it can be painted by hand with special paints for glass and ceramics. A surface covered with beads Fougeres (this requires a great deal of accuracy).

Making your wedding glasses of rose belt

Rose of ribbons to decorate the finished Fougeres replace decorative flower with rhinestones.

Making your wedding glasses painting, beads and Swarovski crystals with their own hands

How to make a glass bud around the legs?

To do this, add the wide satin ribbon in half face outwards (see “The Rose of wide satin ribbon,” Fig. 1 ) 
Sour cream on the edge. 
Pull a running thread. Secure it. 
The resulting tape is gathered obkleyte glass. 
Place the joint end of the tape cover the flower and bow.

Wedding champagne glasses with the rose of the tapes - how to make

Petals around the glass can make loops of ribbon .

First, they should fasten a thread to each other, and then stick to the glass.

Pieces of line to be strung beads and glue, and covered the lower tip of the glue to put these sort of “stamen” in the center of “flower”. Leg – wrap tape.

Decoration of wedding glasses tape ogranzy

Decoration of wedding glasses with flower petals

For this we need a beautiful artificial flower.

Decoration of wedding glasses of rose petals - a master class

The flower must be dismantled into separate petals.

Design Wedding glasses with flower petals - how to make

And these petals, we pastes top wedding glass legs, mimicking a flower.

Decoration of wedding glasses white rose petals - how to make your hands

Petals adorn with beads.

Wedding glasses with his own hands - an ornament of the petals

Under the flower – adding a bow of ribbons and rhinestones.

Wedding champagne glasses with their hands - an ornament of the petals

Decoration of wedding flowers glasses

Gather a bunch of artificial flowers. 
nosegay, and his frame is securely fasten to each other and stick to the glass.

Wedding glasses, decorated with a bouquet of flowers

Wedding glasses, decorated with white roses

Decoration of wedding glasses orchid - as do

Wine glasses and you can decorate with fresh flowers. But by the end of the evening wedding fresh flowers fade.

Wedding glasses, decorated with fresh flowers

Decoration of wedding glasses with feathers

Unusual, bright and, at the same time, a gentle solution. 
We need pens. They are sold in stores for needlework and come in different sizes and shapes.

Feathers to decorate the wedding glasses

Feathers and rose from the tape to stick to the glass.

Wedding glasses, decorated with feathers

Or of colored feathers, ribbons and beads can be formed bunches.

Wedding glasses decorated with beads and peryami

This is only general rules for how to decorate wedding glasses with his hands. Be creative and create your own unique wedding glasses.

A selection of photos based on the Internet.