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Braided hair for women: Messy Rope Braids

Hair  |  September 2nd 2011  |  0 Comment

braids in hair how to 2

braids in hair -3

Leaving front pieces out, create an imperfect side part in the section directly behind {if you have side-swept bangs, part it on the opposite side} and braid hair to the end -but on an angle so it swoops around easier & lays nicely. Secure braid using a tiny jaw clip or an elastic & let hang for now. Repeat the same steps but on the opposite side for the next braid. Once both braids are complete {you can add a third as well or do your entire head!} loosely pull hair & braids back and wrap it into a messy bun. For a more casual “do” like this one, I used clear jaw clips to secure my bun in place but if it were for an event or if I were going somewhere fancy I would have used bobby pins and hair pins so they would be hidden. {add some fresh or faux flowers to the braids or better yet, baby’s breath {like in the 80′s LOL} for an uber hippie chic look}

You don’t want it to be too tight so using your fingers, pull a bit of the braids apart and mess it up a bit. Hairspray to finish. If need be, add texture to your hair prior by curling it with a curling iron and/or hair spraying it.

hair styling tools

* Bed Head MAXXED-OUT Hairspray, CLEAR Hair Elastics, Scunci jaw clips 2 sizes

braids into bun with jaw clips

braids in hair -2

Hopefully the photos are self explanatory but the description is there if necessary.

Source: lovemaegan.com