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Box made of pumpkin

Green crafts, Hallooween's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Recycle  |  May 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

Box-squash or garden lying.
The garden lay my
last year’s lay
and lay it lay
until I ran to him not
I lay there and took
long and it washed
and rubbing I was lying
and paint it covered … ..
And it was my humble lay -
sinerro Blistello and Obozhallo!

This is a short introduction to my master class (the inspiration has come)
On the weekend of May I arrived at the cottage, by chance at the furthest I have found the garden of their crop, squash.
No, he’s tall tale rotten, and very even dry and light. I took it and clean off the dirt.



then asked the pope to cut in half
the fruit dry on the quality resembles a tree but on the inside is hollow, but inside there is a fetal heart it too dry. (like cotton)
Skin goes inside and on top
before and after (right to left, after)

form after sanding inside and on top

top cover with acrylic paint, preferably 3.2 thin layer
take a napkin and cut the necessary elements leaving only one layer of patterned

apply to the surface and gently from the top adhesive plaster (1 / 1 glue-water)
give a dry, make 2 holes on the lid

I think you understood what my father did, and her hands on photos of him too
varnish, slips through the holes of the ribbon for the handle (5sm3sm for nodules)
Here was our lay Obozhallo!


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