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Beautiful Wedding Bouquets for 2012, more ideas

Flower arrangement, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Wedding day  |  September 27th 2011  |  0 Comment

Cascading bouquets, often called shower bouquets are loosely gathered, hand-held floral arrangements that freely mimic the way plants and blooms appear in nature. At one point (many years ago), this was a very popular floral choice for brides… but has inadvertently faded from most modern wedding design.

I’m here to say that cascade bouquets are set to make a comeback :)
The real visual essence behind these types of bouquets are array of draping flowers and impromptu sway of the entire arrangement. The vibe is organic with a bit of elegance. Imagine a few of the beauties in a button motif or a feather treatment. Keep your eyes out for this to be a hot wedding accessory in 2012.

cascade wedding bouquet 6

cascading wedding bouquet 4

wedding bouquet

cascading wedding bouquet 2

cascading wedding bouquet 3

cascade wedding bouquet 8

cascade wedding bouquet 5

cascade wedding bouquet 7

Beautiful Wedding Bouquets, more ideas