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Beautiful ribbon-flower tutorial

Making flower, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  May 17th 2011  |  0 Comment

This exquisite flower adorn your evening dress, hat, hair, or serve as your interior decor.

1. Materials:
- Synthetic stretch satin in two colors,
- Thread color for fastening parts
- Floating candle for melting petals
- PVA glue,
- Scissors
- Corrugated paper suitable for color
- Copper wire, preferably of different sizes (for the leaves thinner to thicker flower)
- A pin for fastening patterns with fabric,
Additional information:
- Tweezers for holding pasting petals and tongs for cutting wire.

2.Vykroyki you can shoot with live, but old rose.
Disassemble the petals of a rose, you need to select the petals so that they go from small to large in ascending order.
Leaves and pasting can be modified to simplify, as shown in photo number 2, № 3.
Draw petals on the paper, adjust, and then make out of heavy paper work patterns.

3.Podkleyku better to make a solid, so be careful.

4.Vyrezat paper stripes width 0,3-0,4 cm
In the right hand take the wire to the left the paper, dip the edge of the wire into PVA glue.
Put the wire on the edge of the paper at an angle of 45 degrees, secure and scroll to the end of the wire paper at the end of glue to fix.
To paper in the process is not spun, it is necessary to twist his right hand at the outset and did not hand down the middle.

5.Vse pattern cut out on the bias.

6.Vykroyki be expanded in size, so you do not confuse.

7.Posle to as tissue blanks are ready, start working with a candle.
Need to work with two hands.
Lift the edge of the lobe close to the fire and wait until it starts to edge is melted.
The work at first, is complex and must adapt himself.
Should gradually melts, 1,5-2 cm tissue, and then until the edge is cool, slightly pull it in different directions fingertips to become wavy petal, etc.

8.Opyat need all expanded in size, that would not be confused. Decorate the next feathers can flower and beads.
10.Nachinaem assembly of our flower.
To do this at the end of the wire make a loop 1,5-2 cm
Smear glue. Take one lobe (A) of 6 pcs. the same smear of glue and wrap the pipe loop, that would not it be seen and fasten thread.
The remaining petals as anchoring thread by means of glue in a checkerboard pattern.

11.Tak also make a second series (B).

12.Sleduyuschy number of petals (B).
Make NOTCHES at the base of the petal 1 cm, and attach them to the flower as if embracing the base of the flower, as in a checkerboard pattern.


14.Takim same way (D) (D) (E).


16.Nakleyte stems on the leaves.

17.Zatem pasting.

18.Dalee spread the leaves as they will look with a flower, smear glue at the base and secure with thread, wrap in paper and cut the excess wire with forceps.

19.Zagnut tire wire.


Author Ksusha Boldinskaya


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