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Beautiful flower from plastic egg carton

Making flower, Recycle  |  December 29th 2011  |  0 Comment

Beautiful flower from Plastic Egg holder tutorial
Each flower is cut out of an individual egg cup from a plastic egg carton; the first cuts that I made were to separate the cups.  The bottom of each egg cup usually has a little “hill” for the egg to rest on, so I just made six ot seven deep cuts from the top of the cup to the bottom of the “hill”.  Then for each section, I cut out a petal shape freehand.  The flowers were already starting to look pretty cool…


Recycling ideas for kids

While waiting for the whiteout to dry, I started to work on making a vase to hold the flowers.  I leafed through a magazine that I rescued earlier this week from a woman who got off of the subway the same time I did; she was about to toss the magazine in the garbage when I intercepted (hehe) and asked if I could have it.  I tried to pick out dark-colored pages with no text.  Since I only had one magazine, I couldn’t find enough pages that matched my criteria, so I basically just ripped out all full pages with only a limited amount of text.

Magazine_vase_1  Vase_of_recycled_flowers


I had intended to use coathangers for the stems, but, hehe, I don’t own wire cutters and was having a heck of a time trying to cut them with scissors.  So I used a thin wire that I found in the closet, and cut several foot-long pieces with my scissors (which, by the way, now have several new “teeth”).  Using an X-acto knife, I poked a hole in the center of each flower, and threaded a wire through.  I bent the end of the wire in a circle and added some glue to secure the wire.
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