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Beautiful flower for gifts and decoration: How to Make Crystal Flowers

Beading and knotting, Flower arrangement, Making flower  |  September 29th 2011  |  0 Comment

Crystal Flowers Bouquet

I find crystal so lovely. Most fancy stores in India stock crystal stones in assorted colors.They are mostly used to adorn dresses and sarees. Recently I bought a few packets of crystal or “kundan” as they are locally called ,intending to use them as card embellishments then I got around to playing with them and see what I could create!

Crystal Flowers and Silver leaves


Kundan Flower Arrangement

How to make crystal flowers
These crystal flowers look lovely and are easy to make.I once saw them in a gift shop and they were priced quite high and and I never thought they could me made at home!
Materials required
1.Crystals- Size specification: large ones are easier to work with and look more elegant
Shape specification:To begin with use the petal shaped one. I tried the circular ones but the petal shaped ones look more classier
Color: there are some lovely shades in the market just be sure you have enough crystals for the project you have in mind
2.Florists wire-You can make 2 flowers with just one standard sized florist wire which is available in the Indian market. My favorite color is silver as it lets the light reflected from the crystal shine so well.

Steps to make the crystal flowers
You need 5 crystal petals for each flower and some length of florist wire

Crystal flower Petals and Florist wire

Insert wire through the front of the  narrower end of the crystal.

How to make a Crystal flower

Insert the same wire  from the back side of the broad side so that it comes out on the front .Bend it down to the back.

How to make a Crystal flower petal

The photo below is how your crystal flower petal will look like. You can hook the 2 lengths of the wire at the lower end as shown to secure the crystal petal

Crystal flower petal Tutorial

Loop the end of the wire through the next petal in the same fashion

How to make a Kundan flower

Keep the wires fairly tight and loop each petal to interlink it to the next as shown in the photo.Though from the picture it may look complicated once you start working with the petals it will come naturally.

Crystal flower Making Tutorial

To make a crystal flower bud place two crystals back to back and loop the wire.

Crystal Flower Bud


To make a bouquet of crystal flowers I used some beautiful silver leaves which had holes through which I could loop the florist wire in the same way I made the petals

Crystal Flowers

Beautiful flower for gifts and decoration: How to Make Crystal Flowers