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Beautiful and amazing handbags Kathleen Dustin

Fashion, Funny, Other crafts  |  May 26th 2011  |  0 Comment

“Designer Kathleen Dustin (Kathleen Dustin) creates exquisite handbags and jewelry from unusual materials – polymer clay. Surfaces of his works, it adorns the fine paintings, applications, images from Italian Renaissance paintings and imitation of various textures.


These handbags are usually of small size and often are intended to be worn on the wrist. For this purpose, handbags are provided with a loop of leather or chain. ”


Blumen Bachia Pod

Spiral Mohawk

Blumen Bachia Pod

Double Brush

Blumen Bachia Pod

zinnia bud

Corn Catchfly Pod

Standing BrushBlumen Bachia PodBeach Stone With Crack

Corn Catch Fly Purse

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