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Learn embroidery: Beadwork

Embroidery  |  May 4th 2011  |  0 Comment

вышивка бисером
Beadwork looks very nice. Embroider with beads can be as clothing and handbag, purse, backpack, etc.


вышивка бисеромвышивка бисером

Further details about the several ways of beadwork .


1. Shove ‘forward needle’ – stringing beads for each stitch, laying it on the front side. (Figure 1)

вышивка бисером


2. Shove “back needle”embroidery will be more dense, as beads of closely adjacent to each other. (Figure 2)

вышивка бисером


3. Beadwork large areas – enter the needle, picking up a few beads for each stitch. (Fig. 3).

вышивка бисером


4. Embroidery beaded filament . Called such embroidery “is attached to the sewing.” in Russia is so embroidered clothes (church vestments), hats (kokoshniki) and much more. If the spread beaded filaments in several rows, while using beads and beads of different sizes and colors,embroidery will be very similar to the Old Russian embroidery with pearls.
First, we make beaded string – stringing beads on a thread and anchoring both ends. In this case, the line was not used!
And now proceed directly to the very embroidery . Draw the outline of the pattern on the fabric using a pencil or chalk. Then be laid on the pattern of the beaded filament and anchoring tailor’s pins. Then the whirlpool thread through 1-2 beads attached to the fabric. Stitches and there should be perpendicular to the beaded filament. (Figure 4)

вышивка бисером


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