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Beaded jewelry: how to braid cabochons

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  February 28th 2012  |  0 Comment

Beaded jewelry: how to  braid cabochons

Due to numerous requests of workers spread a master class on how I entwine cabochons. Nothing super new I’m not going to show you here – all very simple. This is one of the many ways braiding. Basically, I take it to them – weaving in the cross. If you are just learning to braid cabochons, better take a round or oval cabochon in a thickness of 3-4 mm, and 2.5 x3, 5 cm (as here) or slightly more.

For braiding cabochon we will need:
1. Cabochon (not very thick, about 3-4 mm in thickness).
2. Beads 2 sizes larger one, one smaller. In this case, the number 10 and number 11.
3. Nylon yarn number 50.
4. Needles for beads.

I recall as a woven chain in the cross.

I plet the rim of such length that lacked a number of connections to it all around the cabochon. Weaving the first row, check the length.

And the Scourge has 2 rows wide (all you need three rows).

When all three series are ready, one end of the thread (pictured right), I leave in the extreme range, and the other does not touch.

So I connect to the rim of the ring (in a needle).

It turns out that one end of the thread is on one side of the rim, and two from the other end.

Dress to the cabochon frame.

Between the extreme number of teeth bezel cabochon on the front side, I pass a small beaded number 11, and thus tightening it.

The same thing I do and the back of the cabochon.

To be safe, I pass by rounding the rim on both sides again and close up the ends of the thread. Hide the knots in the beads (you can plug the string in any convenient way).
And this is how looks ready cabochon in a beaded rim.

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