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Baby making toys: Blossom Fairies to Beckon Spring!

Green crafts, Making toys, Recycle  |  September 7th 2011  |  0 Comment

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Blossom Fairies to Beckon Spring!

There is so much to enjoy in winter ~ sunlight sparkling on a fresh snowfalls, cold kissed rosy cheeks, gliding around a glassy rink, evergreens heavy with snow, sliding and squealing down big hills,  glowing wood stoves greeting frosty fingers, snowflake glittered eyelashes…
I confess though, my yearning for spring has been slowly awakening and whispers such sweet promises… wriggling my bare feet into the deep dark earth… letting the warm sunshine saturate me… feasting my eyes the baby bright green of new life…
I am hungry for the sweetness of spring!
Recently these blossom fairies sprang to life, ready to coax out spring in all her splendor!
These were inspired by the gorgeous work of wee folk studio.  We played to see if we could come up with a simple version that little people could create.
To create some fresh flowers faces
here’s how it goes…
Supplies to gather
* silk flowers *
* felt *
* wooden doll pin and stand *
* glue *
*pipe cleaner *
*roving *
* acorn cap*
To begin, cut out a square of felt just big enough to wrap around your doll pin. Glue your felt around your doll’s body. (I used a glue gun but if you want little hands to create these, craft glue would work as well.)
Decide what flower colors you want for your skirt.
Pull apart your silk flowers.
 Fold them in half…
and cut the hole in the center just big enough to accommodate the felt covered doll pin.
Slide on your colorful skirt!
For the arms ~ cut a piece of pipe cleaner the length you want your arms to be (bent around the back), add some glue in the middle and stick on.
For the wings ~  cut the petals out of your silk flowers and glue on over top of the pipe cleaner (hides the back of the arms quite nicely ;).
Glue on some roving for hair.
Glue on her sweet hat!
These blossom fairies found themselves some lovely girls to play with..

and go home with!

Awaiting signs of life and looking for joy in winters embrace
With love

Source: twigandtoadstool.blogspot.com