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Baby making toy: easy pom pom flowers tutorial

Making flower  |  September 30th 2011  |  0 Comment

Pom Pom Flowers (Craft)

I found this wonderful craft on Domestifluff (has a great tutorial too). The flowers are made with yarn and dried flower stems or sticks from outside. On our walk we collected dried flower stems.

By the time we made our third flower my daughter had gotten the hang of the process and could do a lot of it on her own. She cut a long length of string and loosely wrapped it around two or three fingers (and in some cases her whole hand).

After she finished, we slipped it off her fingers, laid it on top of a length of string and tied it tight. Then I helped her cut the loops with scissors.

The last step was to insert the flower stem into the middle of the flower. It was a fun and simple craft and they look great at our nature table!