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Baby making toy: CD Case fimo Labyrinth

Clay, Making toys  |  August 29th 2011  |  0 Comment


CD Case Labyrinth by Teri
Materials needed:
*Fimo/sculpey bakeable clay
*Wax covered string called Bendaroos (found in craft stores)
*Recyled cd jewel cases
*Scissors & paper


step 1
Find a old unwanted CD case and remove the center CD holder.
step 2
Now you can take your bendaroos (wax covered strings) and cut and bend and create your maze The wax will stick to the plastic by pressing firmly.
step 3
You can then make tiny little round balls by rolling in your fingers. Then bake to harden. (follow instructions on the package)
step 4
I taped colored paper to back of the CD HOLDER.


Super fun AND super easy. It’s a great project for kids to make themselves and then afterwards, to play with  their creations! It could be as easy or as challenging as you want. Use several balls in one maze to up the level of difficulty


Source: giddygiddy.com