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Baby Favor: Painted Garden Pavers

Garden, Home and garden  |  September 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Painted Garden Pavers

I know it is kind of late in the gardening season now, but making garden stones from patio pavers is a fun and frugal craft for kids of all ages.

Last month I found lady bug and turtle shaped patio pavers at Menards.   I bought several of the ladybug/turtle shape, which I believe are called colonial or heritage pavers for only .64 each.  I also bought 5 white crescent shaped pavers for only .33 each.

We found them the day my mom was coming to visit for a week. While she was here, we did not have time to paint.   After she left we painted the crescents to look like a rainbow caterpiller, and the other pavers red/ black for ladybugs, and green for turtles.  We just used basic acrylic paint that we had on hand.  The pavers  then sat on the deck for a few weeks  waiting for faces and details, because it was just too hot to go outside and paint.

We have now had a few days of beautiful 75 degree weather, so we finally finished the job.  I started out by painting white circles for the base of the eyes on all of the painted pavers.  We added different details depending on what it was we were painting.

I wasn’t really sure how to paint a turtle back, so I painted a circle pattern.    Kara made her turtle a little more detailed.  Spots and faces were added to the lady bugs, and a happy face to the rainbow caterpiller.

About  5  years ago we made this craft, and all 3 of my kids painted lady bugs.  I love how different each one is and they are still in the garden to this day.  The paint has held up through a lot of rain and even snow. (there have been a few years when they did not make it inside.)  Kyles green bug (not pictured) has faded, but still has an adorable smiling face.   Painted garden pavers make a great gift for a grandparents, and are a fun memory in the garden for years to come.