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Baby favor: little lamb, free crochet patterns

Amirugumi, Crochet  |  September 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

Daan had a little lamb ..

when the children were little
and Daan on free school
we always had a season table
(That’s one of the things I miss now that they are ‘great’
such a wonderful place where we ordered things for knut
Each season has it)
and I do not think I have a
 Mr. de Boer have to make ..
spring lambs were always there on ..
(As you can see, a curious chicken Henrietta)
This is one of the lambs when
at least 20 years old
Daan was ever present
but as a sort of Spring Feeling
made of me
and I also wanted to get home
I sat down and hooked daffodils
(A variant of the knitted lamb,
I think just more fun hooks)
a few sheep ..
I used the knitted lamb as an example
and it was a bit trying
For example, the yellow lamb is very thin ..
I did pipe cleaners in the legs
so they can stand
but if you want to make a hug
I would not do
stabbing them rather quickly through the crocheted around
it is a very easy pattern
and you can make them as big and small
if you want it
crochet or knit or even dust
(But then again I have no patience ..)
This pattern is like the word around
if you hook needle number 3 uses
(You can also knit hat)
but actually the shape of the pattern
The main
You can handle large small, thick or thin lambs to
by some to adapt ..
have fun
Source: ing-things.blogspot.com