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Baby favor: “Flower Power” Woo Doll tutorial

Making flower, Sewing  |  August 25th 2011  |  0 Comment


Baby favor: “Flower Power” Woo Doll tutorial

Learn how to craft your own flower power woo doll using these simple steps.

Project by Peggy Flynn of Portland, Ore.

Peggy Flynn is a spunky, fun spirit who uses her artistic talents to create a number of theatrical dolls. One day after an exhausted Peggy completed one of her more elaborate full-bodied dolls, she asked herself the question, “How can I make this easier?” That led to the birth of her whimsical totem figure, the Woo Doll.

Materials and Tools:

colorful fabric
polyester filling
needle and thread
sewing machine
flower, raffia or marabou trim
beads or charms
paint (optional)
wooden base (optional)

Figure A


1. Make a pattern for your Woo.

2. Trace Woo and Woo face onto fabric and cut out pieces.

3. Sew face on sewing machine and turn inside out.

Figure D

4. Cut hole in traced body for face.

Figure E

5. Baste face to Woo body by hand and then sew onto body using zigzag stitch.

Note: You can also paint or embroider a face and then later sew on the eyes and mouth, as shown in step 8.

Figure F

6. Sew body and stuff with poly filling.

7. Sew bottom closed (after whispering good intentions, this is after all a positive energy totem!).

Figure G

8. Sew on eyes and embroider mouth.

9. Glue on flowers, raffia or marabou, etc. Add beads or charms.

10. Sew loop on back to hang it on a wall.

Web site: www.pflynndesign.com