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Baby favor: arrows and (more) hearts

Felt, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Needle crafts  |  September 6th 2011  |  0 Comment
let’s face it, valentines without candy aren’t much use to kids. but, we’re giving it a go anyway. with a little felt and a lot of help from eve, bracelets were made for the classmates. will they be passed by as the greedy little hands search for more pink laffy taffy? probably. but i remain hopeful that these little bracelets will find a home on the little four-year-old wrists at some point. the arrows should lure in the danger seeking boys while bright pink hearts are like a siren’s song to this group of little girls.

for the girls


for the boys


eve was busy cutting out hearts and addressing the cards while i trimmed her edges, rounded corners, and sewed pink and red buttons for the bracelet closure. we both “threaded” the hearts/arrows on the bands and eve took particular care assigning each friend a specific bracelet. she amazed me over and over again with remembering the assignments perfectly (i tried to trick her). . .  a quick project that should complement the kit kat (oh, i hope there are kit kats) and m&m hands.

happy valentine’s day to everyone! and to those celebrating president’s day, enjoy the long weekend! we’ll be making our log cabin cake in honor of mr. lincoln and enjoying some long overdue time together.