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Baby crafts: Easy flower to make

Making flower  |  May 6th 2011  |  0 Comment

Application for the children of cereals, from napkins – flowers, sunflowers

For this application podanobitsya green construction paper, yellow tissue paper, a bit of buckwheat, glue and scissors.

First, cut the cloth in half.

Then we shall cut teeth – leaving neotrezannym small piece – about 0.5 – 1 cm for a single application will need 2 such Circuits.

On a blank sheet and draw a circle on the edge, pre-lubricated with glue, glue the petals of a sunflower – a first layer, then a second – so sunflowers will be magnificent.

Then glue the stem and leaf of green paper, profusely Spread glue middle of a sunflower and sprinkle with buckwheat. left to wait for the glue to dry – application is ready!

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