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Painting, Paper crafts  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

 Crafts with cookie cutters

Last week little A and I had so much fun making cookie cutter art – an idea I’ve had in my head for a while now. Not everything turned out as I had imagined (such as the paint from the cookie cutters not showing up as well as I’d hoped) but I like how things looked overall.
I happened to have these “X” and “O” cookie cutters from Valentines Day that were really fun to use but I think any shape could work (especially for a kids room).
I decided to go with a repetitive pattern for mine but as you can see from little A’s, a more random, haphazard look is also very cool. ( I LOVE how his turned out! He did everything himself. I only offered the paints one color at a time, starting with the blue, then the red, and last the yellow. I also only gave him the “O” at the end – because I forgot about it – but I love that it is the only one. He told me when he was finished. I was so proud).
Made for a great afternoon. Truly.

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