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Art With Paper for kids

Cards, Making flower, Paper crafts, Quilling paper  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

Art With Paper

 paper crafts for kids

We first saw this idea in a library book (Everyday Art : Making Art with Paper) and changed it a little bit to suit us.

First we made frames from a piece of paper that we chose for our background color.

We folded the edges in, cut, and then taped them. Use glue if you don’t want it visible.

We curled paper – to do this, cut (we chose to tear, as we wanted a more textured look and feel) strips of paper, to make an easy curl, make sure to tear or cut with the grain of the paper.
Just wrap it around a pencil to curl it.

We also made frames for within the art piece with a narrow folded piece of paper.

When we had enoughrolled paper to get started, we squirted glue all over the paper so that our rolled paper would stay in place.

We put the frames in as soon as we had enough paper to keep it in place.

We filled it where we wanted to, and left it loose when we liked that, too.

Such a fun and pretty project!

Source: ordinarylifemagic.com