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Aqua gem Halloween fun tutorial

Hallooween's day, Making toys  |  April 29th 2011  |  0 Comment

Aqua gem Halloween fun tutorial

Add water and they start expanding!  I ended up filling about six good sized jars with two little bags. The longer they sit in water the larger they get…up to 1/2 inch in size.
The best part is.. the color won’t bleed.  Say….if your 3 year old knocks them over…all you have to clean up is water and a gazillion balls! :)
We decided to fill our vases with scary little plastic creatures.  My boys were in heaven!
They thought this was the “coolest” craft we have ever made!?
They couldn’t keep their hands out!  The little balls shrink when left out of water and they had so much fun testing it out.
**I do have to warn you**
If you have kids that are prone to sticking things up their nose…this little project may not be a good fit!
My older sons were teasing with some of the longer malformed balls, holding them up to their nose….you know…because they’re green and all….while my three old was observing.
A little bit later I heard the three year old  say, “Look Mom!”
“Honey…don’t stick things up your nose!!!”
Several sneezes later and some frantic crying the little green ball shot out!  It could have been much worse.
They feel so squishy and slimy…perfect for a Halloween party or haunted house.  At Jo-Ann’s they even had waterproof tea lights to light up your aqua gems.  They were seventeen dollars for a pack….so I passed.  But they would be cool!

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