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A Button Egg and Stuffed Bunnies tutorial

Easter's day, Felt, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  April 29th 2011  |  0 Comment
I’ve been itching to make something for Spring! I’ve been obsessed with Bunnies since I was a little girl. I even had bunny wall paper :) When I saw THIS on Sandy’s Creations, I knew I had to make one! The pattern is free! Because me and my sewing machine never get along, I hand stitched mine and it was super easy. But if you have a good relationship with your sewing machine, I would use it instead :)
I made the tall bunny and then decided he needed a friend, so I shrank the pattern and made a smaller one. They were all done and looking cute but they really needed something, so I added ribbon around their necks, and as you can see from the top photo they look much better!
While I was stitching the bunnies I had an idea to take some brown burlap I had and put some buttons on it in the shape of an egg. I took some photos along the way. Here they are….
Step One: I took a piece of cardboard and cut it so that it measures 5×7.
Step Two: I cut a scrap of burlap and taped it to the cardboard.
Step Three: I took some chalk and drew an egg on the burlap. Since eggs are a pretty simple, I free handed it but if you aren’t comfortable with that, you could find an egg on clip art and then print it out and trace it.
Step Four: Dump out all the buttons you own :) Okay, maybe just the colors you need. Place the buttons on the chalk egg you just traced. It will take a little bit to figure out where the buttons fit best, kind of like a puzzle. It won’t be perfect but just try and fill all the spaces in the best you can.
Step Five: Once you have all the buttons where you want them, take some super glue (this is what works best for me) and glue each button down starting on the outside and working in. Just a little tab is fine because you are going to stitch the buttons on once the glue dries.
Step Six: When all the buttons are glued down, stitch the buttons into place.
Step Seven: Hot glue the burlap to the cardboard and put in frame!
Please let me know if you have any questions! I hope you will make this for your house too!



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