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A few ideas for small bathroom decor

Home and garden, Home decor  |  May 26th 2011  |  0 Comment

alteration and repair of the bathroom

For owners of small bathrooms always been a problem – how to create such a small area of the functional and aesthetic space? If you also interested in how to redo the bathroom without changing the layout and transfer of the walls in a beautiful and convenient location – then read on.




The owner of this bathroom would also like to convert the space and create something attractive for such a small area. And he did it!


First, the bathroom was this:

переделка и ремонт ванной

It was plain and unprepossessing – dim lighting, no sink and no attractive decorative elements made ​​her uncomfortable and unsympathetic. The host with the help furnish and replace plumbing turned her into quite a comfortable and pleasant accommodation.

The walls around the bathroom it was decided to decorate the tiles, while the other walls – to a height of 1.8 m decorate the panels, above – painted in vivid colors and optimistic. The color of the painting was selected and textiles – curtains for the bathroom. Quite a large mirror visually increases the space, and white panels working on the same effect.

Next to the bathroom sink was installed, but rather it is made ​​in the wall of a shallow built-in wardrobe. The shell was chosen small – table top on chrome construction, and took up very little space. In general, the design turned out catchy, but not oppressive. Vivid color was used only in the upper part of the walls – at the expense of the interior was spared from the monotony, but was not oversaturated colors.

So if your bathroom is small – do not worry. good selection of materials and colors will change for the better interior.And if you’re a passionate person and you are interested in needlework, sewing, knitting, hendmeyd or homemade soap-making , then you may well decorate the bathroom the results of their creative activities.

переделка и ремонт ванной

переделка и ремонт ванной

переделка и ремонт ванной


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