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Recycling ideas: easy scarf tutorial

Green crafts, Recycle, Sewing  |  September 11th 2011  |  6 Comments

Tutorial: The Very Easy Petal Scarf

T-Shirt Petal Scarf

Here’s another version of a petal scarf made from t-shirt fabric featuring two different colors. A petal scarf can have a different look based on the material used and the way it’s worn. It’s versatile and fun to play with.

Petal Scarf Black Wool

Here’s how to make your own. This tutorial uses two colored t-shirts. If you are a beginner sewer, I recommend making one with a single layer and medium thick fabric like felted (or boiled) wool. The technique is exactly the same regardless of what you use.
Tutorial Petal Scarf 1


- fabric (wool, t-shirt, tightly woven cotton or linen)
- fabric chalk or marker
- scissors
- pins
- needle
- thread (buttonhole/craft thread)

How To

Tutorial Petal Scarf 2

Place the two pieces of fabric wrong sides together. I used two dismembered t-shirts. Draw many circles approx. 2 inches wide. The more the merrier. I like mine somewhat irregular, so I draw them by hand. Maya posted an excellent time saving method on how to cut felt circles here.Cut through both layers of t-shirt keeping them together.

Tutorial Petal Scarf 3
Tutorial Petal Scarf 4Tutorial Petal Scarf 5

Pin a few circles together, one color on top and the other. Here, I placed the black on the bottom. The circles are placed in a wavy fashion.Thread a needle and with a double thread sew through both layers using a running stitch. When you get the hang of it, just drop the pinning step.

Tutorial Petal Scarf 6
Keep the thread tight, but not too tight, so the “petals” fall better. Adjust while you sew.
Tutorial Petal Scarf 4

The image below shows both front and back.
Tutorial Petal Scarf 5

Finished! See how easy it is?
Petal Scarf Blue
- Experiment with circle size, material and length.
- Use different shades of the same color and make a single layered scarf.
- Make one for your favorite little girl. Girls (small and big) love the idea of wearing leaves and petals to stay warm.
This is a wonderful project to bring with you on the road, once all the circles are cut.
Source: annekata.blogspot.com