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Handmade flower for spring tutorial

Flower arrangement, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  September 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

make Woolly Pussy Willow Buds.

After a few false starts it seems like Spring is finally here to stay… for a while at least. Yay! The birds are singing, the bulbs are popping and the crisp sunny air is utterly wonderful. Don’t tell the other but, at this moment, Spring, you are my favorite season.

I know I’m not alone in thinking that nothing sings Spring more than a Pussy Willow… he must be Spring’s lover, don’t you think?

So, in celebration of Spring’s beauty, we made woolly Pussy Willow branches for our home.

All we needed for this pretty craft was:
* a few sticks
* white wool roving (yarn will do too)
* my trusty hot glue gun

Kitty is my master wet felter and she was excited to make the little wool puffs.
She started by pulling off a small (quarter size) piece of wool roving.

Then she dipped the tips of her fingers in warm soapy water and rubbed her hands together to make them slightly damp.

She then rubbed the little wool puffs in her damp hands… around and around, until they became perfect pussy willow buds. Each puff took her less than a minute to make.

This is an easy felting project for a young person as it is quick and doesn’t have to be at all perfect.

As you can see, the little wool puff is only roughly felted.

Once Kitty had done all of the wet felting and the little wool puffs had dried in the sun for a while, I stuck them onto our sticks with my hot glue gun.

Oh, they do look so very pretty. In fact, we are fighting over them… Kitty wants them to go in her room but I want them on the dining room table. I have a feeling Kitty is going to win this argument… after all, as she has pointed out, it was she who did most of the work to make them.

Happy Spring, Friends :-)

Source: themagiconions.blogspot.com